Drunk in Love

* * A lover walks a thousand miles and confuses West for East, but keeps whirling. That’s what love gives to real lovers: drunkenness. * Being in love is drunkenness. Being sober is not love. Not until you are drunk in love can you truly feel what it means to be ‘alive’. * Love isContinue reading “Drunk in Love”

The Most Tragic Experience of Life

* * * You think the day he gives you his terrifying smile is the day of parting with the world. But it is actually the day of gathering with the angels. You think the day he knocks on the door to your soul is the end of life, But it is actually the beginningContinue reading “The Most Tragic Experience of Life”

A Wondrous Nightingale

One whose heart is aflame with love is a wondrous nightingale that opens its beak to chew roses and swallow thorns. The roses taste sweet in its beak but the thorns are excruciating its chest. That is the destiny of everyone who dares to set the fire of love in their heart, For the cloudsContinue reading “A Wondrous Nightingale”

A Prayer for My Country

Today, 17 August 2012,¬†Indonesia celebrates the Independence Day, so I wrote a poem, “A Prayer for My Country”. Merdeka! ūüôā * * O my Lord, My prayer is simple. * Let the water and the soil, the air, and the fruit of ¬† my country be sweet, my Lord. ¬† * ¬† Let the homelessContinue reading “A Prayer for My Country”

Since the Beginning of Time

* * Since the beginning of time, Beauty has hold a mirror to His Face to illuminate His Love to all beings * Since the beginning of time, Beauty has unveiled His exquisite form despite¬†the solitude of nothingness and the unbearable state of madness * Whenever Beauty looks, Love is also there. Whenever Beauty showsContinue reading “Since the Beginning of Time”

A Quote from Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Indonesia has got a great author that we are proud of. His name is Pramoedya Ananta Toer.¬†¬† * * If you are not familiar with him and are interested, please click on his name above. A link to his short-biography in Wikipedia is available there. ¬†I don’t think I need to babble about him. TheContinue reading “A Quote from Pramoedya Ananta Toer”