Morning Saunter

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter



Jalaluddin’s morning saunter had led him to the greenery in the outskirt of Konya. He reached into the river that stretched before him and washed his face until his beard and white robe’s neckline were soaked.

He thought that everything must have gone well with his disciple Nasheva. But even when such certainty prevailed, his curiosity was even stronger.

“I wonder how she is at the moment,” Jalaluddin thought. He walked toward a pond nearby and sat upon a rock. He dipped his fingers into the water, and said, “In the name of God, O water, be a mirror to me. Show me what is happening in Egypt with Nasheva.”

The water formed an oval sprinkler and gushed like a small fountain. Then the gush receded, and the water rippled. When it was calm, the surface of the water gradually became dark and a silhouette of images emerged.

Jalaluddin took his right palm out of the water and a turquoise light suddenly emerged from it, landing on the silhouetted images. The light added colors to the images in a steady and yet progressive motion. It did not take long until they became clear and showed what appeared to be Nasheva, surrounded by hundreds of people.


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13 thoughts on “Morning Saunter

    • Thank you for the link, Elan. I like your expression, “Our nature can only be a ghost of what we desire most.” So much truth. Blessings and love to you.

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