Real Voice

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter



What keeps your body alive,

you can hear it with the two ears.

But what keeps your soul alive,

you can only hear it with the third ear.   

Stop listening with the two ears,

listen with the third one.


Go to the woods like Thoreau,

or gazed at the starry sky like Galileo.

Whatever you do,

be sure to remain silent.


Stop talking, I’m telling you.


Your soul speaks to you

in a language that doesn’t need words.

It’s the real voice,

all the rest is noise.

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34 thoughts on “Real Voice

  1. Ignoring your adjuration to be silent to comment here…
    I’ve heard of the ‘third eye’, now I’ve seen the ‘third ear’!
    Your words speak volumes; yet irony does intrude:
    Can unspoken, heartfelt honesty ever be considered rude?

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