Image: Glogster

Image: Glogster



Nasheva spoke of dreams:

O young hearts of Egypt,

Your dreams are not the lines written by your memory, but they are tomorrow’s answers to your today’s questions.

Your life is dull when you have no dreams to pursue, and your life is dull when there’s no love to share.

Only dreams and love that can move your life forward, nothing else can.


Without dreams you are a drop in the shore of an infinite ocean,

But with dreams you are the infinite ocean;

the world becomes a drop upon your shore.

You think your heart resides in your chest,

But your heart is the home to your soul;

your soul is the treasure of your life.



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This post is part of Nasheva Trilogy and has been copyrighted.

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    • Maryamashour, nice meeting you. All my posts this year, from January until December inshallah, come from a manuscript I have recently completed, The Disciple. The Egyptians are predominant characters in the novel as it sets in Egypt, Greece, and Turkey, in the 13th century. Being an Egyptian, you must know the stuff I am writing that relates to the country, the people, etc. Please take a look at my posts, ‘The Palace’, ‘Morning in Cairo’, and ‘To The Sinai’ and feel free to correct anything you think is inaccurately depicted. Thank you and blessings and love to you ♥

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