Happiness is Light





A glimpse of evil thought came to Nasheva’s mind. She could feel that every one of the Egyptians now saw her with veneration. She glanced at Syaikh Ahmad Fatih who was sitting on the far end, next to Sultan Baybars. She had never had an inkling of resenting the presence of the Mufti and his significant roles, but she was now deliberately comparing herself to he. It amazed her how she was now given the trust to address the Mawlid after three years of devotion to Mawlana Jalaluddin. On the contrary, the eight years of service given by the Mufti did not bring him such similar privilege that she was now having. He was even amongst her audience! It was for obvious reason that now she felt she was more special and was more worthy than the Mufti. She entertained herself with the notion that it must have been the purity of her heart that had become the reason why she was more loved than the Mufti.

But comparing ourselves with others is one of the sources of unhappiness. Those who constantly compare themselves, either to those with higher or lesser degree, will only end up in suffering. One is trapped in the dark valley of envy when they look up, while those who look down are exercising their vanity.

Happiness only greets those who neither look up, nor down. Just like it becomes the loyal companion of those who do not stay in the dark past or expect too much from the distant future, happiness only befriends those who care with their present being.

If unhappiness is darkness, then happiness is light. The light shimmers the soul of those who are not concerned with where their position is in comparison to others. It dwells in the heart of those who are concerned with accomplishing their duties at life without being bothered by what others do or do not do, without being irritated by what others say or do not say.


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This post is part of Nasheva Trilogy and has been copyrighted.

14 thoughts on “Happiness is Light

  1. My strength is in my weakness…….my flaws, my beauty. I am uniquely me, comparison to another – futile for I can never be them, nor could they be me. Here, my blessing – my enternal oneness – clothes chosen by a king. 🙂 I love this, Subhan. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  2. How unfortunate that when we are elevated in some way in society we begin to see self rather than those around us, and develop pride rather than humility at being chosen. We need that light to guide our thinking in the right path.

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