Wisdom Is Light

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter



Wisdom is not about truth;

it’s about accepting truth.

If truth comes to you but it doesn’t move your heart,

something is wrong.

What’s the use of music for the deaf?


The sun melts snow, but the sun is melted by wisdom;

For the light of the sun bows only to the light of the heart.


Like the sweet milk of heaven that makes the angels fly,

wisdom is an overflowing water that turns a desert into an ocean.

Have you heard Jesus turn water into wine?

That’s how wisdom works in the heart of humanity!


The light of wisdom dwells in your heart.

Live with it.

Be the light,

not the lantern.


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This post is part of Nasheva Trilogy and has been copyrighted.

30 thoughts on “Wisdom Is Light

  1. the path to wisdom is self taught! self illumined . while knowledge lights the outside world,wisdom is the inner light! Glad to be here Subhan. Best wishes for your forthcoming ventures.

  2. Beautiful words for my Sunday, Subhan…I hope you’re doing well, my friend…I’m still taking a blogging break, but wanted to stop by and say hello! Take care and much love to you! 🙂

  3. Thanks Subhan, my mind wanted to argue that wisdom is about truth, but after reading your poem, the truth struck my heart and poured it’s wisdom. I’m glad to receive your wisdom that moves hearts and opens minds. I would like to bring more light/ wisdom into action like you. blessings, Brad

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