Drunk in Love

Image: danasanctuary.wordpress.com
Image: danasanctuary.wordpress.com



A lover walks a thousand miles

and confuses West for East, but keeps whirling.

That’s what love gives

to real lovers: drunkenness.


Being in love is drunkenness.

Being sober is not love.

Not until you are drunk in love

can you truly feel what it means to be ‘alive’.


Love is the wine for the soul.

Come, don’t just take a sip.

Gulp some more.

Go and get drunk!


14 thoughts on “Drunk in Love

  1. Beautiful!!!!! ”That’s what love gives

    to real lovers: drunkenness.”..just wow…:)<3

  2. Delicious post Subhan! I’ve dive into love and feast with you, Rumi and all the great poets and mystics! Hopefully soon I’ll be visited by the poet muse to dance and write of whirling, dancing, and drunk love.

Thank you

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