What Makes Lionel Messi So Great?

Image Source: LionelMessi-news-pictures.blogspot.com

Image Source: LionelMessi-news-pictures.blogspot.com




“A million of people flock here every year and Leo doesn’t want public attention affects his pilgrimage. That’s why for years he always comes privately,” the bald round face guide explained. “But it’s interesting that when he chose the date two months ago, and I told him that you had already chose that date, he was enthralled. He decided to do it with you instead of choosing another date! That never happened before.”

I replied with a smile. Then I took my wallet and gave him another three hundred Markas.

“What’s this for?” he was befuddled.

“Extra tip. And for a bucket of warm water and a piece cloth, please,” I said.

The man left, leaving me in a reverie.

Leo has earned the annual Best Player of The World more than anyone else in history, I said to myself. Some say he’s even better than Pele, Maradona, or Beckenbauer. Others say he doesn’t belong to this planet. His dribbling skill is irrefutably miraculous and his shooting accuracy is close to perfect. A game with him in his peak performance is a divine entertainment.

So what makes him so great? Talent? Perhaps.

But if it’s only about talent, there are countless other players who have the same level of talent. Leo is more than pure talent. He loves. Total love.

He loves God. He loves humanity. Playing soccer is a talent he uses to entertain and inspire people in order to serve God. That’s what drives him to reach his fullest potential. That’s what gives the Argentine the energy and makes him stay longer during training. The humble man gives all his heart for the game. He makes his life in soccer a holy mission.

Those who build a gap between holiness and profanity should better look at Leo. Those who say they can only find enlightenment in mosques, churches, temples, or through chanting holy verses or meditations and scorn the worldly experiences as childish illusions do not realize they are making a pompous statement.

The truth is nothing is profane. Everything is holy. When it is meant to serve God as Leo does, even soccer is holy!

I had always been a Germany fan, but I must say Leo’s inspiration moved me five years ago when I decided to dedicate myself to serve humanity through writing. I made a pledge to do with writing what Leo does with soccer. Now that I had reached one of my dreams, I wanted to pay homage to the man.

Interestingly it had to happen here. Here in Medjurgorgje, Herzegovina, in an unprecedented moment in one cloudy day in 2016.

The door was opened. The guide came. He placed a bucket of water and a white cloth on the table.

Then Leo entered the room.

“Thank you for your book,” he said as he saw me, smiling amiably. “I enjoy. My family and friends enjoy. The Spanish translation very good. If real book in English, we are not understand.”

To hear the statement from Leo himself was much better than to receive his card three months ago. I returned his smile and replied, “Pleasure, guapo.”

He then shook my hand and hugged me.

I asked him to have a seat. He did.

I put the cloth in the warm water. Then I kneeled before Leo and took off his shoes and socks.

Closing my eyes, slowly with the cloth I began washing Leo’s feet. I started with the right, and then his magical left foot, inch by inch. Tears were glistening in my eyes as I was doing this.

Done with that, I kissed both his feet. My chest was so light. My feet were on the ground, but my heart kissed Saturn and my hands reached Jupiter. I whispered, “Thank you for the Love and inspiration.”

Leo held my arms and asked me to rise. Like what most Argentinian men would do to a man they love, Leo then kissed my cheeks, left and right, and hugged me so tightly. We were hugging for only God knew how long. Time stood still.

After that he said, “I read your foundations help children in your country in Maluku, Mexico, and Mozambique. I want join and donate.”

“Great!” I was astonished. “We’ll talk more to organize it.”

Leo nodded and we started walking barefoot to the site. Suddenly Leo stopped and said, “You’re not a Catholic, but a Sufi. So why you come to Medjurgorje?”

I replied, “Should one stop being a Sufi just to experience a divine experience that his Catholic fellows dream of having?”

Leo grinned. He placed his right hand on my shoulders.

35 thoughts on “What Makes Lionel Messi So Great?

  1. full of love and inspiration, Subhan. i like the ending between the two men of different faith but really, they are one when it came to matters of the heart. ♥

    • Thank you, Sunshine. It is my mission to serve humanity through the written word by writing inspirational poetry and short stories like this one. Feel free to visit every Thursday if you are inclined to read such musings regularly ♥ I have followed your blog, but I noticed that I don’t get the updates. will do an email subscription to your blog, so I don’t miss any of your posts. I will do that tonight. Thank you, many blessings and much love to you, Sunshine ♥

      • you’re welcome, Subhan…hmm, i wonder why my updates don’t come out to you. is that in your WP reader? such technical difficulties…well, have a peaceful and lovely weekend! ☼sunHUGS!

      • Hi Sunshine, that’s because I am following hundreds of bloggers, and many of them post 2-3 times per day, which makes it difficult for me to keep up with everyone’s post. Unless I subscribe by email to my favorite bloggers, including yours, I won’t be able to be updated. So that’s why I did the email subscription to your blog. May the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart, my wonderful friend, Sunshine ♥

      • oh, i see…it is hard when you are a big time blogger. 🙂 he he.
        have yourself a fantabulist week, Subhan! thank you for starting my week out with your light! ☼sunHUGS!

  2. Hermoso post que has desarrollado sobre Lionel Messi.
    Yo no puedo abrir juicio pues no sería imparcial en el juicio de valores.
    Te deseo un fin de semana con mucha serenidad.
    Un abrazo

    • Jessica, thank you for your kind words. Feel free to pass the story along so we could keep Love in full circle. Thank you, and may the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart ♥

    • Hi Jules, thank you for your kind words. Not everyone needs to be a soccer fan. And I believe you can find your own holiness the way you do it on your own. That’s an interesting story you wrote. Good stuff! May Love be with you, as always, Jules 🙂

    • Thank you, Deborah. It is my mission to awaken what is slumbering in the human soul. Feel free to pass the story along, so we could keep Love in full circle. May the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart ♥

  3. My grandson would be just as ecstatic if he ever came face to face with Messi 😀 Beautiful post Subhan. You are so right about enlightenment not being gained in religious places alone.

    • Hi Madhu, that is so great! ♥ Is your grandson playing for a club? If so, perhaps he could make it to Barcelona Junior! I have a nephew who is very talented and has strong motivation to succeed and is very courageous. He is still living faraway but mid this year we’re going to send him to study in a soccer club and study Spanish in Jakarta. Once he’s fluent in the language and is fully ready, I’m going to help him out to get an agent to represent him and help him to join Barcelona Junior in Spain. Perhaps your grandson could do it too? And who knows? Perhaps they could meet one day and be best buds! 😀

  4. I can see it happening, Subhan. I completely agree with you: “The truth is nothing is profane. Everything is holy. When it is meant to serve God as Leo does, even soccer is holy!” Everything is a spiritual practice–sadhana. I love how writing for you is a spiritual practice.
    My son starts soccer this weekend. I will try to transfer these ideas to him, and I will definitely let him watch the messi videos.{{{Hugs]}} Kozo

  5. wonderful story Subhan…. I too have experienced the profound and unexplainable bliss of washing the feet of another… and I also feel that we miss the many splendoured thing when we divide the world into sacred and profane… so good to read your post…

    • Thank you, Ranu. Feel free to pass on the divinity to others, then we’ll keep Love in full circle. Thank you, and many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

      • It is thank you for asking Subhan, and you I can see you have been very creative using that gift that you have with your writing, have a great day.

    • I am just a wayfarer of life, one who is on the journey towards Light. No more, no less. I shall use my gift to help humanity, yes, thank you for the reminder. And the same with you too. 🙂

      BTW, I need to let you know my new blogging schedule. I post every Thursday (Australian time), so feel free to drop by if you need some inspiration. Take care, and have a wonderful day, Doris! ♥

      • good to know I always miss you when you are on the web, you too take care Subhan!

  6. Like Messi and yourself I’ve always believed that I was born for a reason, to serve humanity. We all do it differently, Messi through soccer, you through writing and myself … well I guess through my smile. Thanks for the inspirational blog. Glad I stumbled upon you and will definitely be an avid reader and fan.

    • Hi Ann, great to read your comment here. Welcome, my new wonderful friend! :-).

      You are right, everyone of us is given something that we must share to the world, and only if we do that can we contribute to a better world. In my blog, I write poetry and short stories alternately every Thursday, so feel free to drop by if you need some inspiration. ♥

      Hope there’s something here that can help you or be of any use to you and your family or friends. Take care, many blessings and much love to you, Ann.

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