If You Can… Part 2

Image Source: Favim.com

Image Source: Favim.com




If you think real love is the crazy feelings you have on someone,

Then you are wrong

If you think real love is what makes you awake at night and gives you a sense of longing for someone,

Then you are infatuated with childish feelings

Yes, they are part of love but they are not real love.


Do you want to know what real love is?

Then look at the sun and gaze at the moon.


From the sun we learn the beauty of emanating love,

Does the sun ever reduce the amount of light that the earth deserves?

Or does it ever ask the earth to return the favor?

Look at a love like that;

It illumines the entire universe and prospers the earth.


From the moon we learn the beauty of reflecting love.

Does the moon ever distort the light for its own benefit?

Or does it ever deviate the light in its moment of playfulness?

Look at a love like that;

It gives beauty and splendor even to the dark face of the nights.


If you can love like the sun,

If you can love like the moon,

Then you can do miracles.


The dewdrops shall bring you pearls from the ocean,

The mountains shall ecstatically dance on your lead,

And the sun and the moon shall take turn to bow to you. 


63 thoughts on “If You Can… Part 2

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  2. Very late blessings for your Birthday Subhan, but better late than never. Nice poem. It starts a think process, do we really know what true love is? otherwise why there is so much hatred, violence etc.

    • Some people know what true love is, only a few can implement it wisely in their life, and their main job is to help the majority who do not know what it is in order to eliminate anger, hatred, violence, etc. The world has never been out of the teachers of the world, all we need are students who want to listen. 🙂

  3. Hi Subhan,
    this poem’s so beautiful!!! WOW.
    And by the way, so sorry I missed your birthday. Actually mine’s a few days before yours. We’re both Aquarius 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Birthday…hope this year brings you lots of joy and happines and many more years. this is so beautiful, love is so different than what the show us, is just infinite.

  5. Many blessings to you subhan ! you light up the darkness with your words ! be encouraged to follow your heart ! you shine and the soul of the earth like it 🙂

    • Hi Sandra, thank you, you are one wonderful soul, I need to let you know that I only post every Thursday, I hope this is fine with you, much love to you, Sandra

  6. There’s a deep truth in these words: the selflessness of love, as it were. Beautiful comparison to the sun and moon. No jealousy, no fear. Just light and love.

  7. Foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Subhan – May Allah bless you with bliss, spiritual enlightenment, creative blessings mingled with abundant of love. Ameen.
    Many hugs for your bday, my sweet mate.
    A very reflective poem, a blessing – indeed. I truly relished it, thank you!! xoxoxo

  8. Wow, this is so beautiful! And you are right! “Agape” is true love, love someone no matter what and not ask them to love you back. Thank you for this beautiful poem.

  9. You are so blessed, Subhan. Blessed with words, blessed with vision, blessed with poetry, blessed with loving friends. Thank you for this reminder of what true love is.
    Happy belated Birthday.
    {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  10. Thank you Subhan for these words of love and wisdom. I do believe that the whole universe is sentient, and therefore full of love, so your metaphors about the sun and the moon were full of truth…
    Beautiful words and thoughts, thank you

  11. Yes, I believe this too. Beautifully said. Love is so much bigger than “falling in love”, it is the breath of life itself. And happy birthday to a young, incredibly talented guy who “gets it.” You are unique my friend. Love to you.

      • I’m glad you post at all and that is a good practice or you may not ever get anything else done. Thursday is delightful! Thank you.

  12. This is beautiful, Subhan. A wonderful thought and a powerful metaphor for true love. There is so much beauty in the universe and we limit ourselves so much. Words like these help us to look beyond the little.

    Happy belated birthday from me too.

      • I’ve been through some dramas here myself lately, so i wasn’t able to help anybody these days.
        Now i’m back to senses and will renew powerful meditations for you, my friend!
        Sorry, will reply your mail today in a couple of hours.
        You have a good day there, enjoy the sun, breathe and relax!
        We all send you our warm supporting thoughts!

  13. What a wonderful entry… So many meanings to the word Love.. and Love this post… But you are right.. We know nothing about Love until we Love the simple things we take for granted every day and learn to love ourselves and Nature…
    Love is eternal and everlasting… and love is to share..
    I am so happy that this poem demonstrates that shared love between souls..

    Wishing you a wonderful Week and Valentines Day

  14. I really like that thought! Although the sun itself doesn’t really *choose* to love the earth, the illustration is still a very good one. Thanks for sharing! I wish more people understood the true meaning of love… And, yes. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  15. First of all Subhan,I am glad you found time from your busy schedule to post this lovely poem.You are right we do forget what nature gives us for our comfort.Poets should be thanked because they remind us of the sun,the moon and stars etc.You have done that.Many thanks to you.
    With best wishes and lots of love,

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