A Wondrous Nightingale

Image Source: thepoetsgaret.com

One whose heart is aflame with love is a wondrous nightingale that opens its beak to chew roses and swallow thorns.

The roses taste sweet in its beak but the thorns are excruciating its chest.

That is the destiny of everyone who dares to set the fire of love in their heart,

For the clouds have painted it in the sky and the foam has sculpted it in water.

It has been written by The Invisible Hand.


Now you realize that love is a disease without remedy, but you also need to realize that your beloved is a treasure without end.

To refute this is to deny the glare of the sun in a bright day.


Thus, seek love even if it breaks your heart and aches your soul.

Drink from the cup of love even if it tastes bitter,

For every drop drunk from the cup of love brings you closer to enlightenment

And a drop drunk wholeheartedly brings you closer to eternity.





54 thoughts on “A Wondrous Nightingale

  1. Congratulations on being featured! I was thinking as I was reading your blog today how diverse all your topics are. It is amazing how many subjects you have insight on,and knowledge of.

  2. Meu querido Subhan,
    obrigada por sua visita e por comentar meu post em Português :))
    Eu farei uma pequena pausa no blog WP, mas eu voltarei brevemente.
    Eu preciso organizar algumas coisas na minha vida, porque em fevereiro
    meus estudos recomeçarão. É apenas um curto período de tempo, ok?
    Os postais da Austrália eu gostaria de ver,
    você pode me enviar por email?
    Eu desejo a você uma boa noite e belos sonhos.
    Até breve, abraços do meu coração.

    1. Olá Subhan, bem eu estou me preparando agora para fazer minha
      pós-graduação. Eu pretendo escrever sobre a arte dos povos indígenas
      do Brasil, especialmente do povo Kayapó. Paralelamente a isto, existe
      um grande problema no meu país que é a construção de hidrelétricas,
      como a de “Belo Monte dam”, que são um crime contra os povos indígenas
      da Amazônia e contra o meio ambiente. Essas hidrelétricas destroem os rios e a floresta onde essas tribos vivem. O problema é muito sério, então, no
      meu trabalho escrito, eu devo abordar também as questões políticas e econômicas que estão afetando diretamente a população nativa.
      Obrigada por seu comentário e por mandar-me os cartões por email.
      Eu viajo muito por causa de minhas pesquisas. Obrigada e desejo-lhe um ótimo dia ~~ hugs from my heart ~~ Jussara

  3. My dear Subhan,
    So beautiful poem !!
    Thank you for your lovely comments and for writing
    in my language, Portuguese.
    I’m impressed with your correct sentences in my language!!
    I see that you know the syntax of the Portuguese.
    Your intelligence is brilliant
    thank you and hugs from my heart
    I see you soon ~~ Jussara

    1. Caro Subhan,
      eu sei que você não fala Português e eu também não falo Inglês.
      Eu sei também que você usou o Google, mas o tradutor não faz boas traduções e eu vejo que suas frases em Português estão muito mais bem elaboradas do que o Google é capaz de fazer. Então eu conclui que você tem uma habilidade especial para perceber a estrutura sintática do meu idioma.
      O Google não poderia escrever tão bem como você!!
      Sim, se você está aprendendo o Espanhol, o Português não será muito
      complicado para você. Eu posso ajudá-lo sim, você pode contar comigo.
      Obrigada por sua gentleza e amizade. Desejo-lhe um agradável dia :))
      Obrigada novamente e abraços do meu coração :))

  4. Hi Subhan I liked your poem.Poetry is also my favourite. Right now I am translating some of Tagore’s poems for my friends.
    Thank you for your post.

  5. Thank you for another delightful post. I was also intrigued by some of the comments about WordPress. I haven’t really notice a whole bunch of changes. The last one being that sometimes if another WordPress account comments on a wordpress site they get a notification. I am not at all computer savvy – so I am baffled by the rest of the comments. As I post every day and I always see what I post as soon as I hit that little ‘publish (on your own site) button. I don’t mess with ‘Freshly Pressed’ though I think everyone gets a free one of those on their 200th post… but don’t quote me on that. I also don’t have oodles of followers, just mostly friends, other writers who frequent some of the same writing prompts that I do. I’m not to worried about a following. I do know that between my WordPress blog and Blogspot blog that WordPress is the worst concerning spam. But with that being said – the spam does get caught so all one really has to do is delete the spam every once in a while.

    Good luck to all writers on publishing, whether it is on a hard copy or featured on another blog, blog ‘zine or whatever else promotes your writing. That we continue to enjoy each others writings and learn from each other is what I am all about. Cheers.

  6. It is well deserved Subhan. I cannot say it enough that for one so young your heart is already full of wisdom of many more years you have yet to journey through. Beautifully written and said.

  7. Congratulations on being published, Subhan!! That’s awesome. It’s a magical poem.

  8. You remind me of Khalil Gibran at times like this…I love nightingales, mockingbirds, magpies. They are such brave and inspiring little creatures. Thanks for your poems.

  9. As the old saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”
    Congratulations on having your beautiful poem featured in a Pakistani-based website maintained by SAJ Shiraz.

  10. I have never heard of a nightingale swallowing one or more rose thorns, which is/are likely to kill such a diminutive bird even if the act is possible. Is writing love stories or romance novels one of your main aims or fortes?

    Congratulation to you on being featured for the first time in a Pakistani-based website maintained by Dr SAJ Shiraz! Soon you would have a great deal of Indian and Pakistani followers, not to mention book deals, movie adaptations and screenplays in the vast and diverse arenas at Bollywood!

  11. I have always found the nightingale the most mystical of birds. So it is with this powerful piece of work that has flowed from your hands. Mystical, powerful and each line, I find myself returning to contemplate and discover meanings which open up new horizons every time. I love your work. This surely must rank as one of my favourites. Blessings to you. Sharon

    1. Hi again Subhan!
      I have a quick question! I have noticed that lately my posts have not been appearing in the WordPress Topics after I publish. I only see my post on the Reader of the blogs I follow. Anything I can do about that? Thanks for your time. Sharon

      1. Thanks so much! I had no idea! But what I’m wondering about is that each time I publish, I used to be able to see my post appear in the general WordPress Topics based on the tags – Nature, Life, Photos etc. But these days I don’t see it anymore. Is that also part of the new policy? Or is it something I need to adjust or refresh? Sorry, I’m not the most techie savvy one! Thanks so much again for your time Subhan. Appreciate this.

  12. Good morning Subhan,

    What a beautiful poem. It’s true love is bitter-sweet. Some find the bitterness to hard to bear and so avoid it, others are prepared to pay the price because of the wonder it brings into their lives.

    A lovely image of the nightingale and an evocative metaphor for this most powerful of emotions.

    I wish you love and joy


  13. Congratulations my brother! I loved reading your words tonight…they lifted my mind to a different wonderful place. May God blessings continue to embrace you!

  14. Congrats – That is wonderful Subhan!
    May you too have a wonderful weekend full of many more surprises & blessings.

  15. Truly beautiful words and exciting metaphors too!
    The thougth of a nightingale opening up it’s beak to swallow both roses and thorns, beautifuly relates to love.
    Love is a disease without remedy and your beloved is a treasure without end…
    Oh how sweet!
    I really settled to enjoy this piece and I’m glad I did.
    Good work Subhan! 🙂

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