A Prayer for My Country

Today, 17 August 2012, Indonesia celebrates the Independence Day, so I wrote a poem, “A Prayer for My Country”.

Merdeka! 🙂



O my Lord,

My prayer is simple.


Let the water and the soil, the air, and the fruit of
my country be sweet, my Lord.
Let the homeless find sanctuary not only for their body
but also their soul, my Lord.
Let the ignorance find their ways to enlightenment
and be content with humility, my Lord.
Let promises be fulfilled and
prayers be answered, my Lord.
Let compassion become the garment of the people
and love become their only way of life, my Lord.


90 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Country

    • Hi Ranu802,

      Thank you very much. You are one generous soul. I hope the same thing goes with your country, India. It is a country with full of inspirational figures that I admire a lot: Gandhi and Tagore. Many blessings and much love to you, my friend. 🙂

      Subhan Zein

  1. My dear Subhan, everytime I come here, I am filled with awe at your beautiful and creative expressions. You are indeed a fine artist of the written word. May this prayer for your homeland also be a prayer for the nations of our world. You told me sometime back you were going back to Indonesia for a holiday and I have been meaning to ask you about it. I am sure you had a memorable time and your family must have missed you so much! Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. You are one generous soul. 🙂 Yes, I went back to Indonesia for two weeks to attend my brother’s wedding, that was in July and now I am back in Australia. It was a great thing to meet them, despite the family tragedy that we were having and the difficult moments that went through in everyone’s mind in our family. But all went good in general and we’re trying to build the castle our lives from the ruins left for us. I guess when a tragedy occurs, it is a chance for us to unveil something to learn and make the most out of it. You know better than I do with things like this, I am sure.

      I hope life is treating you well up there in Finland, Sharon. It’s spring down here, and the weather is getting much friendlier to all of us. Many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

      Subhan Zein

      • My dear Subhan, thank you most kindly for responding to this message. I am so sorry to hear about your family tragedy (and I must have missed it if you had posted it earlier). Do send me the link and I shall be sure to read it. Do take care now and enjoy your beautiful spring as we now head into autumn. As always, blessings from my heart to yours dear one. Sharon

      • Hi Sharon,

        Thank you very much for your sympathy. I really appreciate it. To be honest, this year has been the most difficult in my entire life, problems with my study, a relationship break up, and a very complicated family tragedy, haha, to be cynical, what else could you expect more? I came to a point in my life where I could say that the only thing that works well in my life this year is blogging. Meeting wonderful people, gaining their trust, getting the privilege of their support, and learning from them have been the antidote to my catastrophes. I just feel that behind all these series of tragedies, I am thankful for being able to gain all of these wonderful things through the blogosphere. And the blogosphere has also been the place where I gain a lot of insights to refine the conceptualization of my three book projects that I am planning to do in the next couple of years.

        No, I haven’t made a post about this, about the problems, yet. Maybe I will. But maybe I will just too embarrassed to talk about stuff like this to people and tell them how lame my life is. Hmmm. Anyway, a peace of mind is something that I desperately long for and is apparently something that I haven’t been able to achieve in the past few months. The great thing is that it’s always great to talk to people like you and I feel my soul is rejuvenated to its most exalted. Sorry that I have been rambling this long, I hope you don’t mind. You are one wonderful soul that every body would be happy to be friend with. 🙂

        Many blessings and much love to you, Sharon. My deepest respect to your husband and I wish your little prince is doing well. 🙂

        Subhan Zein

      • I am so sorry to hear that it’s been such a tough year Subhan. Your posts have been as full of hope and inspiration even through your darkest hours and that can only be a sign of your inner strength.
        I totally understand that you have not written about this side of life in your blog. Soul-baring is something I am not very comfortable about too. Yet, knowing how much to share and with what intention and purpose we share our more personal stories is an art in itself. Knowing you, you will know when, what and how much you share and that your heart will feel right. I have learnt never to go beyond what I am comfortable with. I am so confident that even from this dark days, some of your best works will emerge.
        I am happy to know that you find much joy blogging. It is obvious your readers love and admire your work greatly. As do I.
        Well, you know I am just a blog away if you ever need to talk. I am much honoured that you wrote. I wish you success and may the sky open up with a fresh ray of sun upon your face.
        Thank you for the special blessings. That little prince makes me happy to the point of tears – for such is a mother’s heart. And that big prince makes me feel like a princess…well, sometimes 😀
        You take good care ok and will be in touch.

    • Hi Ranu802,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate your reblogging my poem. You are truly one generous soul. May love and happiness reside in your heart forever and for always. 🙂

      Subhan Zein

      • Thank you Zein.I appreciate your kind words.You know in life we get good and bad experiences,while we are happy when it is good and sad when it is the opposite.It probably will make us stronger in the end.God bless you!

  2. Dear Subhan, this is such a sweet prayer for your country. Blessings upon you, and your country! Independence is a wonderful thing to cherish and celebrate.

    • Thank you, Naomi. You’re right. Independence is a great thing after all that we had during colonialism under the Dutch and Japanese. Many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

      Subhan Zein

  3. You are SO awesome. This is a beautiful prayer, and Ode to your Country! I admire your patriotism and your HEART! XO

  4. Hi,
    I wish your country happy birthday and that your prayer is realized in the hearts and mind of the Indonesian people. I have two beautiful Indonesian friends. One of them is a Pastor of one of the largest churches in Jakarta, Jeffrey Rachmat, and I had the beautiful privilege of working as co-editor on the second revision of his first book, The Art Of Winning. He and his family are beautiful people.

    • Great to hear, Patricia. I have never heard of the people but I am sure they are wonderful people, as you are. Many blessings and much happiness to you. 🙂

      Subhan Zein

  5. What lovely and inspirational thoughts from the heart – may every country be blessed in the ways you describe! What a wonderful world it would be…

  6. Subhan, I echo many of the comments made here. A beautiful prayer! One that all nations would be better for if this prayer was prayed by them.
    Let their be peace in the valley, on the mountaintop and in all the hidden places of our hearts!

    Sandy O

      • Thank-you, Subhan. I am glad that now… I can read your posts.

        I finally figured out how to get the emails to come to my email address when you post. :))) Sometimes it takes a little time to figure out things!

        :))) Granny Gee/Gloria/Grannyscolorful
        If you’d like … you could visit my primary blog where there are photos of our pups, Tommy, and us, my artwork… I would love for you to visit. It’s:

    • Hi Granny, thank you for the link. I’ll pay you a visit. Since you’ve brought up the subject, I was wondering how you solved the riddle. Some other fellow bloggers also said the same thing. They couldn’t get the emails to come to their email address when I post something. This has been quite problematic and I’d be most grateful if you could share ith me how you technically managed to get it done properly so I could share it with others in my upcoming post.

      Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

      Subhan Zein

      • Subhan… it’s hard to find the right place everytime in order to go to where there are little boxes to check to receive the emails from blogs.

        It’s wherever you see ‘manage your subscriptions’…. also, it seems there’s another place. It’s not a simple thing to do.

        I am on the way to bed as we are getting up early…. I’ll work at it again, and tell you exactly what I did, so you can know. All these months I couldn’t get emails until I did ‘whatever I did’ …:)))))))

        Don’t worry, I won’t forget, Subhan!. Granny Gee

      • Subhan,

        I think this will help you see how to subscribe to emails…. I know that when I found out how to do it… I was at a page with all of the blogs I’d subscribed to… there were little boxes to check under ’email’… I checked the ones I wanted…… when I looked at my email… I had emails from my favorite blogs (including yours I might add! :)))

        Here is the link: http://en.support.wordpress.com/followers/ this is all about following with email, notification, and subscriptions. Granny Gee

      • Great! Thank you very much. I am sure many people including myself with benefit from this.

        Many thanks again, and may your days are filled with love and happiness, Granny.. 🙂

        Subhan Zein

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