Greatnesss and Attitude

Hello my friends,

Meet the world’s most expensive football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portugese footballer plays as a striker for Real Madrid and is paid €12 million per year to compensate his prolific goal-scoring record. In 2011 he broke the record of most goals ever scored in one single season in the Spanish League with 40 and became the highest goal-scorer in Real Madrid’s history with 53. His dribbling skill, pace, and accurate free kick are unquestionable that he has been awarded both European and World Player of the Year awards.

Now meet Ronaldo’s rival, Lionel Messi.

The Argentinian footballer has drawn so much attention with his versatility and dribbling skills which have often been compared to the Great Diego Maradona. The forward holds the record as the most prolific striker for Barcelona with 53 goals and is one of the only three players who was awarded the World Player of the Year for three consecutive years.

Now take a look at this video to see how great they are:

Ronaldo’s rivalry with Messi  has often made headlines in the media; both are newsworthy figures. In a press conference, both players were praised for their great skills and their dominance in the Spanish League. In a nearly three hour session, questions were raised by both journalists and fans, and all were answered satisfactorily. Just before the conference ended, the moderator asked the two players, “Is there anything that both of you would like to add before this press conference ends?”

Ronaldo took the first chance. He said, “Oh, I’d like to say about the reason why I’m so great at football. You know, I love football so much. It’s my life. But I think the only reason why I’m so great at it is because God sent me to teach people how to play football.”

The audience gasped. Some were clapping, while others shook their head. And with a wicked smile, Ronaldo displayed a satisfied expression in his face. He glanced over Messi who now seemed to be surprised with his answer. The idea that his rival would run out of words was lingering in his mind.

After a momentary silence, the moderator now turned to Messi, “And you, is there anything you’d like to say?”

“Wow! I think what Ronaldo has just said was amazing,” Messi replied with a beaming smile.

The audience held their breath. Now Ronaldo made a pompous smile, transpiring an invariable air of confidence, mixed with arrogance.

“But the thing is, I’ve never sent anyone to teach people how to play football,” Messi added.






31 thoughts on “Greatnesss and Attitude

  1. Hidup persib !!!!
    mudah-mudahan ada pemain indonesia yang go internasional. Amin.
    jangan go blok terus ya mas’e. masa wasit dipukuli pemain. kan memalukan tu.
    pengen jadi pemain pro, tapi tidak pro dengan diri sendiri.
    pemain indonesia harus TALK LESS , DO MORE. tu baru sikap pro.
    ya kan mas’e????
    eh mas’e,,, kapan saya di ajak ke ausie???? lol 😉

    • Amin,… inshaallah. 🙂 Sekarang saya dan keluarga sedang mengusahakan agar keponakan kami yang pandai dan berbakat main bola supaya bisa Go Internasional. Saya akan membiayai-nya kursus bahasa Spanyol dan sekolah bola di SSB Ragunan supaya dia bisa dapat agen internasional dan disalurkan ke Barcelona Junior, untuk selanjutnya menapak ke Barcelona Senior. Mohon doanya, Kang Acep! 🙂

      Inshaallah Kang Acep bisa lamar beasiswa kalau mau kemari. Kesempatan itu ada banyak sekali dan tidak terhitung. Silakan kunjungi Blog Motivasi Beasiswa untuk mendapatkan informasi dan motivasi dari banyak teman-teman yang sudah sukses.

      Salam hangat,

      Subhan Zein

      • Syukur atuh mas, sy doakan supaya ponakan mas sukses di dunia sepak bola dan bisa mengharumkan nama Indonesia.

        mas sya cuma lulusan SMA . bisa kah juga tu?
        hehehe… cita2 mah setinggi langit mas, tp terhalang uy….

  2. Ya…easy to read 🙂
    I understand this post, clearness.
    I’ll practice english everyday through your post.
    One day, one post 🙂
    See u tomorrow

    • I am good, Charles! 🙂 Thank you for asking! I hope you are safe and sound! 🙂

      It’s interesting that you like CR7 better. I suppose he’s more reliant on his strength and power, whereas Messi is depending on his versatility. Both are amazing players though! 🙂

      Subhan Zein

    • Oh, he used it as a metaphor that if football was a religion then he was a God’s prophet. He was chosen by God to teach people how to play football. It’s quite subtle, don’t you think? 🙂

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