You Have Created Sorrow in the Face of My Sky

I shook my head for the thousandth time

You have created sorrow in the face of my sky.


My sky was cheerful in its cloudless perfect azure

It whistled you a harmonious melody in the morning

And it sang you a tranquil farewell in the evening


But now it is in deep sorrow,

For it is in grey, ill-fated,

Lethargic, non-zealous state.

It can no longer sing, nor can it smile.

Now my lovely sky has lost its soul!


You can no longer hide

In your beautiful mansion or your private island

For your soul is wretched

And your heart is shattered

When the mighty sky presents itself

With its depressing state to haunt your deviant days

And terror your dreamless nights

A hazy sky is not what I want

It’s not what we want


It is a cloudless perfect azure sky that we want

And believe me, we’ll do everything to get it back!



8 thoughts on “You Have Created Sorrow in the Face of My Sky

  1. Oh the guilt….I am sure you have touched a nerve in all of us, if we are honest with ourselves. We all need to share in the responsibility to Mother Earth….I am with you…we will get it back! Well done, thanks for sharing it

    • Thanks, Celeste.. 🙂 Yeah, we do! It’s just so sad that on the other day I remembered my hometown, Jakarta, and the city has suffered so much pollution. That’s why I wrote the poem..

      Kind regards,

      Subhan Zein

  2. We don’t need Nat Geo to tell us – all we have to do is look out of a tall building or any height and we see what we are doing to our earth…

Thank you

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